Posted: 29 July 2019
Exports from the UK creative sectors reached £13.2bn in 2016.
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Business Profile: Michael Bloomberg

Posted: 27 July 2019
On making progress from the ninth richest person in the world.
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Creative Industry Companies to Receive Additional £150 Million to Boost Exports

Posted: 21 July 2019
The UK's thriving creative industries are now contributing over £100 billion to the national economy and the Creative Industries Trade and Investment Board strives to amplify this success around the world.
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The Internet Is Continuing To Grow As More Users Come Online

Posted: 11 June 2019
According to Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends report, adults spend more than 6 hours each day with digital media, over half of which is spent on their mobiles.
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Family Business Profile: Murdoch

Posted: 18 May 2019
On transparency from the world's wealthiest media mogul.
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Business Profile: Oprah Winfrey

Posted: 3 July 2018
What advice does the "Queen of All Media" give to career seekers?
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EY and Microsoft today Launch a Blockchain Solution for Content Rights and Royalties Management

Posted: 20 June 2018
The new blockchain solution can be applied to any industry where intellectual property or assets are licensed, including media and entertainment industries.
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NYC Video Pros to Offer Strategy Playbook on Corporate Video Production

Posted: 18 June 2018
The new resource has been specifically designed for helping organizations leverage video production.
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33 years

Posted: 16 April 2018
Martin Sorrell resigns after 33 years as WPP chief.
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Leading Coach Training School Rebrands Media Platform

Posted: 30 March 2018
The school aims to expand its hub for personal development content by hosting live events and publishing a library of resources.
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Business Profile: Rupert Murdoch

Posted: 27 March 2018
On attention to the organisational processes from the world's wealthiest media mogul.
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EH Media Launches IoT Playbook to Profit from the Booming IoT Market

Posted: 19 March 2018
The IoT Playbook brand includes a website, online and live events, a printed publication, industry research, and marketing services.
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