Professional Diploma in Real Estate Economics, Finance and Investment


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Professional Diploma in Real Estate Economics, Finance and Investment

What you will study

  1. An introduction to land and urban economics
  2. Concepts of supply and demand in real estate markets
  3. Real estate cycles
  4. Types of private assets and properties
  5. Property appraisal and valuation methods
  6. Accounting statements for real estate projects
  7. Commercial real estate pro forma modelling
  8. Real estate portfolio modelling
  9. Methods of financing the purchase of a property
  10. Structured products in the property market
  11. Direct and indirect property investment strategies
  12. Economic theories of sustainable real estate
  13. The legal framework regulating real estate markets
  14. Property taxation in the UK
  15. Conducting a small-scale research project on real estate markets

Key features of the course

  • Flexibility to suit your needs – allowing you to study anytime, anywhere
  • An emphasis on personal and professional development through independent learning
  • Relevance of topics and practical examples to the context of your own professional practice
  • Illustrative practice activities with solutions, “test your understanding” activities and tutor-marked assignments, including a final report, to reinforce learning

Professional Diploma in Real Estate Economics, Finance and Investment is awarded by London School of Finance and Law, allowing you to work as an analyst in a property investment company in the UK or overseas.

This course can be taken alongside your degree or professional qualification studies elsewhere or as part of your informal career development programme. It will be of particular value to undergraduate, postgraduate or professional students of business management, economics, finance and law.

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