UK and Jordan Trade Agreement Comes Into Effect

UK and Jordan Trade Agreement Comes Into Effect

The agreement will ensure ambitious trade cooperation with Jordan while also securing continued preferential trade for British and Jordanian businesses and consumers helping to boost vital trade and investment.

The total trade on goods and services between the UK and Jordan was worth £561 million in 2020. Major items exported to Jordan include: general industrial machinery, mechanical power generators, vehicles, medicinal and pharmaceutical products. UK imports from Jordan include mechanical power generators, vegetables, metal ores, clothing and general industrial machinery. The new Association Agreement reaffirms the deep interest of both Jordan and the UK to strengthen our longstanding trade and economic relationship.

The Jordan-UK Association Agreement was signed on 5 November 2019. A Jordanian Royal Decree was issued on 25 February 2021 and the Jordanian government confirmed on 1 March that all their procedures been completed. The UK Statutory Instrument was laid before Parliament on 24 March and the UK Government informed Jordan on 25 March that all UK procedures have now been completed. In line with the terms of the Agreement, this will enter into force on May 1, 2021.

As stated during the London Initiative in 2019, the UK priority is to promote investments, growth and jobs for Jordan. The UK is working with the Jordanian government to overcome some of the structural issues that prevent greater FDI into Jordan. The UK is supporting and promoting Jordan’s Public-Private Partnership Unit’s work and the National Infrastructure Projects that were prioritised by the Government of Jordan. Positive partnerships have already been formed across a variety of sectors, including education, aviation, retail, biometrics and technology.

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