Posted: 13 December 2021
Asia represents 50% of global internet users.
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> 70%

Posted: 30 December 2020
Together, Google, Facebook and Amazon last year accounted for more than 70% of online advertising globally.
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What Brexit Means for Product Labelling and Marking

Posted: 19 December 2020
Changes will be required for placing goods on the Great Britain, Northern Ireland and EU markets, regardless of whether a UK-EU trade deal is agreed.
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4 Months to Respond to Trade Mark Examination Reports Now, Says IPO

Posted: 14 April 2020
Following the unprecedented disruption caused by Coronavirus and the closure of Intellectual Property Office (IPO) buildings, there are some alterations to the services the government agency is providing at present.
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M1 Data & Analytics Offers New Solution for Marketers to Identify Consumers Visiting Locations

Posted: 25 January 2020
LocationIQ empowers marketing teams by identifying consumers who visit locations returning full contact and demographic information.
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Experience Advertising Inc Maintains Top Ranking for Best Affiliate Marketing Company

Posted: 30 August 2019
Experience Advertising, Inc. has been the #1 ranked affiliate marketing company for the past 9 years consecutively, according to
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The Internet Is Continuing To Grow As More Users Come Online

Posted: 11 June 2019
According to Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends report, adults spend more than 6 hours each day with digital media, over half of which is spent on their mobiles.
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Posted: 21 May 2019
Today, companies spend ten times more on research and development (R&D) than on marketing.
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5 Best Tactics To Improve eCommerce Revenue

Posted: 17 May 2019
Ecommerce revenue is projected to reach $700 billion internationally by the year 2022.
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Posted: 26 January 2019
Monthly spending on e-commerce channel ads (ECA) increased 5 times since January 2018.
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Losing a Sales Representative Can Cost an Average of $115,000

Posted: 29 November 2018
There is a 20%-34% annual turnover in sales.
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Posted: 1 November 2018
65% of young consumers are ready to pay a premium for brands that stand for something and have corporate social responsibility programmes aligned with their values.
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Meet Nate Graham, a Premier Author On the Freelance Platform Upwork

Posted: 1 November 2018
Nate Graham, a digital marketing consultant from Philadelphia is now a Premier Author for the freelance platform Upwork.
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How to Improve Salespeople's Retention

Posted: 25 July 2018
Only 6% of newly hired sales representatives exceed their employers’ expectations.
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NYC Video Pros to Offer Strategy Playbook on Corporate Video Production

Posted: 18 June 2018
The new resource has been specifically designed for helping organizations leverage video production.
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