Business Profiles

The Inspiring Mathematical Persona of James Simons

Posted: 23 January 2021
James Simons is an inspiring mathematician and a businessman whose life is full of twists and turns ending with incredible success.
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Harry and Meghan Made Connections with Netflix

Posted: 4 September 2020
How Prince Harry and his Duchess Meghan expanded their résumés into media production.
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Young Entrepreneur's Profile: Rita Ora

Posted: 15 December 2019
On perseverance from the first British female solo artist to have thirteen top ten songs in the UK.
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Family Business Profile: The Albrechts

Posted: 9 October 2019
On business ideas from founders of Aldi Stores.
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Business Profile: Michael Bloomberg

Posted: 27 July 2019
On making progress from the ninth richest person in the world.
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Family Business Profile: Murdoch

Posted: 18 May 2019
On transparency from the world's wealthiest media mogul.
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Business Profile: Paul Allen

Posted: 7 April 2019
On memories, contribution and learning from failure from Microsoft's co-founder Paul Allen.
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Business Profile: Carlos Slim

Posted: 22 January 2019
On crises, control and investment from a Mexican business magnate, engineer, investor and philanthropist.
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Family Business Profile: Walton

Posted: 26 October 2018
On change as a constant from the former Chairman of Walmart.
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Business Profile: John C. Bogle

Posted: 20 September 2018
On plans and probabilities from the founder of The Vanguard Group.
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Business Profile: Arthur Blank

Posted: 10 July 2018
Leadership means caring about people in the first place, says Arthur Blank.
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Business Profile: Oprah Winfrey

Posted: 3 July 2018
What advice does the "Queen of All Media" give to career seekers?
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Business Profile: Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Posted: 11 June 2018
The inventor of the World Wide Web believes the Net will help nations cross barriers and connect cultures.
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Business Profile: Bernard Arnault

Posted: 9 May 2018
Thoughts on business from the richest person in France and the fourth richest person in the world.
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Business Profile: Giorgio Armani

Posted: 27 April 2018
Creativity and love as indispensable factors for success, says Giorgio Armani.
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