It Is Never Too Early for SMEs to Consider Intellectual Property

It Is Never Too Early for SMEs to Consider Intellectual Property

Explore how the Intellectual Property Office’s IP for Business tools and training can help SMEs take their ideas to market.

Every business starts with an idea. Every business will own or use IP. Your IP can include your web site, business name or logo. IP assets can also include innovative technology, know how, designs and secret recipes.

The IP for Business tools developed by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) show businesses and business advisors how to manage and benefit from IP. They help you:

  • understand how intellectual property (IP) works
  • find out what you can protect using patents, copyright, trade marks and designs
  • understand how to manage and use IP
  • consider your IP within your business planning
  • use your IP to protect your investments and products

The IP Health Check will help you identify and understand the IP assets you own in your business. First, complete our simple questionnaires. You will receive a free confidential report full of advice and recommendations.

Businesses and business advisors can learn more about intellectual property rights with our IP Equip e-learning tool. Four simple modules cover the basics of copyright, designs, trade marks and patents.

Does your SME work with other businesses and people? Use IPO’s non-disclosure agreement template. IPO’s B2B toolkit provides advice and guidance to help you collaborate with other businesses. This includes preparing for initial discussions and negotiating contracts. It also covers best practice and resolving collaboration issues.

IP can play an important role in equity finance. Investors will want to understand how a business has protected its IP. IP for Investment will help you identify and assess your IP assets in the context of your business strategy.

If you want to trade with other countries, IPO’s attaché network can support you. It is important to have the appropriate IP protection for your business when trading in overseas markets.

Is your business involved in university to business research collaboration? IPO’s Lambert toolkit features a set of model agreements and helpful guide.

The IPO have developed their IP Masterclass course for business advisor professionals. This provides them with the competence and confidence to have conversations with businesses about their IP assets.

For more information on how you and your SME can take your ideas to market, visit IPO’s events calendar.

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