Business Profile: Eli Broad

Business Profile: Eli Broad

On leadership from the only entrepreneur who built two Fortune 500 companies in different industries. 

Age: 84

Industry: Entrepreneur, Founder of The Broad Foundations; Co-founder of KB Home; and Founder of SunAmerica

Net worth: $7.4Billions

Forbes 100 greatest business minds 2017

On Leadership:

“Anything I do, I spend a lot of time. I do it with passion and intensity. I want to be in charge.”

On Time:

“A lot of executives act like their time is worth more than anyone else’s. But I always respect an employee who guards his or her time, even from me.”

On Business Success:

“For businesses to be successful, they need to constantly ask the question: ‘How can we provide value to our customers?’ At the end of the day, that is what matters.”

Image: Eli Broad (on the right) during the ceremony of dedication of the new Institute for Regeneration Medicine Building, 2011 / Flickr, Viva Vivanista

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