Forbes: The UK is Country No.1 for Business

Forbes: The UK is Country No.1 for Business

The UK has been recognised the world’s best country for running a business.

According to the Forbes 2017 List of the Best Countries for Business, the UK has the best business climate in the world. Forbes examined 153 countries in relation to 15 factors, including property rights, taxes and innovation and found that the UK scored particularly well on the size and education of its workforce, technological readiness, low level of unemployment and the current dominance of the financial services sector and investment.

Other top 15 countries for business are:

2. New Zealand
3. Netherlands
4. Sweden
5. Canada
6. Hong Kong
7. Denmark
8. Ireland
9. Singapore
10. Switzerland
11. Australia
12. USA
13. Germany
14. Finland
15. Norway

Meanwhile, the best UK city for launching a start-up is Manchester. In its annual ranking of the world’s leading cities for start-up businesses, the PeoplePerHour Index considered a variety of factors, such as quality of life, cost of living, the ease of starting a business and the cost of office space, that are essential for entrepreneurs.

The fact that Manchester has been selected as the third best place in the world for new start-ups, beating the likes of New York, Sydney and London, is phenomenal. But this progress can be explained by the city Mayor’s successful strategy of reconstructing Manchester into a new UK entrepreneurial hub in the North.

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Jessica Hirsch is an MIB guest writer. She holds a business degree from the University of Leeds and has a wide experience in the startup business. Jessica writes about entrepreneurship, startups, marketing and finance.