Launch of Online Business Magazine MILESTONES | in business

Launch of Online Business Magazine MILESTONES | in business

AJB Bell Ltd., a privately held London-based company, launches a beta version of their online business magazine MILESTONES | in business.


MILESTONES | in business is a media agency for entrepreneurs. It is all about business tales and tips we want to hear to encourage us to move further. To understand. To become better. To grow personally and professionally.

Read our business stories, watch our videos, share yours, find inspiration in famous people’s quotes on work and motivation and participate in discussions among like-minded people.

MIB audience are entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, industry leaders, venture capitalists, investors, journalists, influencers, bloggers, authors, business consultants, marketers, PR professionals, advertisers, lecturers, MBA students, researchers, etc.

About AJB Bell Ltd.

AJB Bell Ltd is a London-based company that provides different kinds of services to private clients and business organisations all over the world. The company’s activities range from IT software development, business management consultancy, investment research, e-marketing and distance/online education in IT, applied mathematics and finance to digital media production for the global business community. AJB Bell Ltd specialises in business management consultancy, research and education, focusing on the application of advanced technologies in business operations management and offering professional training to IT-specialists who work in the finance industry.


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