163 Voices: Women in Tech Speak Up

163 Voices: Women in Tech Speak Up

TrustRadius’s report reveals individual experiences of women in tech fields across roles and generations.

TrustRadius, the most-trusted customer voice and insights platform for B2B technology, has recently conducted research that spotlights the voices of women in tech. Inspired by International Women’s Day, the women of TrustRadius wanted to shed light on the true voice of women in technology.

TrustRadius has always aimed to change the tech industry. Their mission has always been to bring transparency to the B2B marketplace. For both buyers and sellers, they take it upon themselves to provide a platform where the truth speaks for itself from the professionals that live it day in and day out. 163 Voices: Women in Tech Speak Up upholds this mission.

“Because of the rigor and skill of our research team, I’m used to seeing insightful and eye-opening findings from their work researching the business technology landscape,” said Vinay Bhagat, CEO of TrustRadius. “But this is the first time we’ve used that research capability on an issue like this. After reading this report, my mind is blown. Every leader in tech needs to read this.”

163 Voices isn’t your average quantitative report that focuses on the numbers, but one that provides a narrative of individual stories that are not unique to just that individual. These are stories that will resonate and empower you to take action. Stories that will spark conversations that will inevitably change the female work narrative.

We know there are plenty of broad research studies out there providing quantitative numbers that dive into the state of women in technology. We’ve also seen the research that investigates and provides evidence of discrimination from wage gaps to accelerated quit rates for these women. Those studies are extremely important in inciting change but miss the mark on creating the human connection.

“I have my own stories, and spent a good portion of my career thinking they were just that – my stories. I’ve since learned that they aren’t. They are shared experiences.” – Megan Headley“I’ve worked in the industry for 10 years. I have my own stories, and spent a good portion of my career thinking they were just that – my stories. I’ve since learned that they aren’t. They are shared experiences,” said Megan Headley, VP of Research at TrustRadius. Megan Headley continued: “As I read the responses to our survey, and as other women at TrustRadius read them, we collectively felt “Yes!” and “Oh no!” and “I understand!””

Megan Headley said that she had wanted to create something that would bring these voices to everyone who needed to hear them: “For women to know they aren’t alone, and for men, regardless of how progressive they are, to get a window into what their coworkers, or any women in their lives, might have experienced. Because there’s never a good time or an easy way to share these kind of stories with the people around you. But first-hand experiences are powerful, and I hope all who read this feel that connection.”

The 163 Voices: Women in Tech Speak Up report will leave you speechless, empowered, and informed. It is a report that provides a different kind of truth and shows a different kind of transparency. A report that we hope will play one small part in improving workplace dynamics. See what people are saying about the report so far.

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