Entrepreneurs Invited to Portland’s Startup Champions Network Spring Summit

Entrepreneurs Invited to Portland’s Startup Champions Network Spring Summit

Startup Champions Network (SCN), a national network of entrepreneurial ecosystem builders, will host the organization’s spring summit March 19-21 in Portland, Oregon.

SCN holds two summits a year as a way to bring together some of the world’s top entrepreneurial ecosystem builders and national ecosystem support organizations to network, learn, and share best practices.

Every SCN summit has three ways it supports entrepreneurial ecosystem builders:

  • Connects them with key peers and resources
  • Improves knowledge and best practices as an Ecosystem Builder
  • Develops mission-critical skills

What is an entrepreneurial ecosystem builder?

Entrepreneurial ecosystem builders are people who drive long-term change by supporting innovation and entrepreneurship and working to reduce barriers for entrepreneurs. They come from a variety of backgrounds and expertise, including entrepreneurs, government officials, economic developers, grassroots community leaders, university leaders, academics, philanthropists, corporate leaders, and media. What distinguishes Ecosystem Builders is their collaborative nature, systems thinking, selfless approach, and commitment to inclusion.

Startup Champions Network is one of few organizations that support entrepreneurial ecosystem builders. Their work has been recognized by Rise of the Rest, which is currently a partner of the organization, and the Ewing Kauffman Foundation, which recently awarded SCN a grant (http://www.startupchampions.co/press).

“At Startup Champions Network, we care deeply about our communities and recognize that our work is at the heart of thriving 21st Century communities,” says Dwayne Johnson, Deputy Director and co-author of the grant. “The Kauffman grant allows us to organize our efforts and plan for action. According to Thomas Edison, ‘Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.’ Our planning grant, combined to Startup Champion’s diverse, talented and passionate ecosystem builders network can bring good fortune and prosperity to every corner of America. I’m excited about sharing all this with our friends and fellow ecosystem builders in Portland.”

About SCN Summits

Twice annually, Startup Champion Network members meet in-person to connect, share knowledge/experiences and take a deep, behind-the-scenes dive into the local host ecosystem. This personal interaction is a critical part of the member value-proposition as well as an important commitment all members make — to celebrate each other.

Each summit location is chosen based on members who wish to sponsor within their city. This year’s champions are Rick Turoczy, cofounder of PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment) and Built Oregon and founder of Silicon Florist and Dwayne Johnson, Deputy Director of Startup Champions, President of Globe Three Ventures, Cofounder of Innovate Oregon and Scaleup Partners.

“As part of my participation in SCN, I’ve always cherished the opportunities to learn from my peers about their communities and how they do their work,” said Rick Turoczy, Cofounder and general manager of PIE. “It’s truly an honor to get the chance to host all of these talented folks in Portland and share, firsthand, how our entrepreneurial community works and collaborates. Just as important, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to talk about what’s not working — and what’s downright broken — while we have some of the smartest minds in entrepreneurial ecosystem building here in our midst.”

The 2019 Spring Summit will be held at WeWork Pioneer Place in downtown Portland. During this three-day gathering, members and prospective members will get a deep dive into Portland’s unique entrepreneurial ecosystem, spend time with peers digging deep into shared issues through curated conversations, learn how to implement successful models in application-focused workshops, and take part in SCN’s unique Intercultural Unity programming that focuses on building inclusive ecosystems. Summit Attendance is by invitation only. Click here to review the agenda and apply to attend.

About SCN

The mission of Startup Champions Network is to provide builders of entrepreneurial ecosystems the connections, resources, and professional development they need to cultivate thriving and inclusive communities. The organization believes that thriving and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems should exist in all communities in order to drive economic opportunity and independence for all.

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