Jawsbury to Help Organizations Optimize Productivity by Using Holistic Data-Driven Strategies

Jawsbury to Help Organizations Optimize Productivity by Using Holistic Data-Driven Strategies

Newly launched Boston-based consulting company aims to apply a holistic approach to data-driven decision management.

BOSTON, MA, USA — (MIB) — 01 MARCH 2018

Located in Boston, MA, Jawsbury is taking a distinctive approach to helping organizations optimize the value of their Enterprise Data Assets and lead them to improve their business decisions in support of growth, productivity, risk & people.

To be competitive in the digital age, organizations must transform into analytically-driven powerhouses. And while they strive or claim to be data-driven, they implement data technologies instead of focusing on holistic data-driven strategies. When organizations are data-driven, people, processes, systems and structures are all collectively aligned to corporate goals and focused on optimizing productivity.

Jawsbury is committed to making sure a comprehensive data program is at the center of a business strategy and that it is supported by committed business owners driven to collectively deliver the results envisioned.

– As a boutique firm, we do not come with an army of people and spread across your organization. Instead, you work closely with a dedicated team of experts focused on providing valuable and actionable insights, says Founder and Managing Partner, Lyle Steere. – The benefit is that companies can take a leading industry position by identifying and seizing new business opportunities.


Contact Author: LYLE STEERE

Telephone: +1 6172026337

Twitter: @jawsbury

LinkedIn: Jawsbury

Website: http://www.jawsbury.com

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