Business Profile: Sean Combs

Business Profile: Sean Combs

Some ideas on career achievement and the role of talent in it from a multi-millionnaire rapper.

Age: 48

Industry: Rapper, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur & producer.

Net worth: $820 Millions

Forbes 100 greatest business minds 2017

On Career Beginnings:

“I started my business career at age 12, delivering newspapers.”

On Talent:

“My talent is definitely a gift. I don’t understand where it comes from. I don’t play an instrument, and I never went to school for music production, but I know exactly how a song should sound and how to give an artist direction.”

On Achievement:

“I can’t say that I’ve fully achieved my dream yet. I’m just starting to evolve.”

Image: Sean Combs the Toronto International Film Festival, 2008 / Richard Burdett, CC BY-SA 3.0

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