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Good Stuff Menthol Gold


If you love the crisp clean freshness of The Good Stuff Menthol Pipe Tobacco but aren’t interested in having your senses overpowered and washed away by a tidal wave of menthol, then you need to try the delicious and perfectly balanced flavor of Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco Menthol Gold. Harnessing all the crisp menthol flavor you love, but turning down the tobacco flavor, The Good Stuff Menthol Gold is the perfect mix of menthol freshness with a smooth clean aftertaste.

The Good Stuff Menthol Gold pipe tobacco is your new favorite flavor to enjoy. Cool in the summer, comforting in the winter, fresh in the fall, and smooth and crisp in the spring. Grab a bag for your next smoke, now!


Good Stuff Menthol


Who doesn’t enjoy the crisp, menthol freshness that comes when you puff on the delightful Good Stuff Menthol flavored pipe tobacco? With Good Stuff Menthol Pipe Tobacco, you’ll escape into a world of cooling and refreshing tobacco flavor that will leave you feeling clean and refreshed. Perk your senses as you kick back and enjoy The Good Stuff Menthol Pipe Tobacco.

With each puff, your pallet will fill with the menthol flavors that traditional tobacco flavors often leave behind. No one will mind you enjoying your favorite activity when it combines the freshness of menthol and tobacco. Plus, the resealable bag will help you keep the freshness sealed in so you can enjoy your tobacco time and time again. Never be without the crisp, cool flavor of Good Stuff Menthol Pipe Tobacco.


Good Stuff Silver


Sometimes you want a smoke without the harsh and bold flavors that a more robust and natural tobacco flavor offers. If this is the case, you’ll enjoy The Good Stuff Silver Pipe Tobacco flavor. Finely crafted and meticulously comprised with a smooth and mellow flavor, The Good Stuff Silver blend tobacco is perfect for those who enjoy the smoothest of smoking occasions.

You won’t have to worry about a watered-down flavor impacting the quality of your experience. Instead, enjoy a smooth mellow flavorful smoke that tickles the senses with every puff. The smoother notes after your smoke allow you to enjoy The Good Stuff Silver flavor over and over again. The resealable bag allows you to return to a fresh, flavorful batch every time you smoke.


Good Stuff Natural


Let’s face it, you didn’t get into smoking because you wanted to mask your tobacco flavors with a bunch of third-party flavors and aromas. You’re looking for the truest and most natural tobacco flavor to put into your pipe. You want to enjoy tobacco as it is and has always been intended to be. The problem is, just because you want the most natural of flavors doesn’t mean you have to skimp on quality. Introducing the answer to your prayers.

Now you can enjoy the finest quality and most naturally unadulterated flavor of tobacco available. This is the way tobacco ought to be enjoyed and you know it. Good Stuff Natural Pipe Tobacco is everything you want in a natural and honest approach to tobacco leaves without skimping on quality and flavor.


Good Stuff Red


Manufactured and produced in the heart of Tobacco country (North Carolina), The Good Stuff Red Pipe Tobacco brings you the richest and boldest of flavors with an even and consistent cut. You’ll love the smooth and clean finish without having the harsh pipe smell or funky aftertaste of many other brands. As one of the best-selling brands on the market, Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco Red packages its tobacco in carefully and professionally sealed bags.

Good Stuff Red Tobacco offers a full bold tobacco flavor. Each bag will come with minimal shake, so you know you’ll enjoy Good Stuff tobacco from the first day to the last. Join with the thousands of others who already know the great taste and pleasure with Good Stuff Full Flavor Red Pipe Tobacco!


Good Stuff Gold


If you enjoy the flavor of natural rich tobacco but wish there was a way to enjoy a slightly smoother version good for any occasion, we have the perfect answer. The Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco Gold flavor is evenly and precisely cut so you can enjoy a nice smooth slow burn. Gold blend pipe tobacco from The Good Stuff is the standard in pipe tobacco perfection. Enjoy the kind of smoke you’ve always dreamed of, and often wondered if it was possible.

This flavor of pipe tobacco is a compromise-free delight for every pipe enthusiast/smoker. You can enjoy Gold Flavor pipe tobacco no matter what pipe you put it in. Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco Gold is perfect for those starting out or any pipe smokers who enjoy a great rich tobacco flavor that’s just a little bit smoother. Enjoy The Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco Gold flavor on a cool spring evening or even in the winter next to the fire. No matter what season, you will be sure to love this smooth tobacco

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